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My Spiritmasters hits 44

October 20, 2009 | Comments Off | Progress, Tailoring, Vitality, spiritmaster

Been a while since I last posted about my Spiritmaster, in fact, the last time I posted about him was after the head start lol. Well I’m back to say I just hit 44 on my SM. Been busy and honestly kind of forgot to post new updates. I’ll be posting more info about my Spiritmaster as time goes on. Current stats are

Vitality – 399
Tailoring – 399 – Waiting on recipe to finish master quest.
Gear – Mostly crafted Durable Anathe gear with Silver Mane speed boots and gloves. Mirka’s (sp?) necklace and Ring.

I’ll be making a new post this week, stay tuned!!

Day 2 of the Headstart Event

September 22, 2009 | Comments Off | Aion, Headstart, Progress, level, spiritmaster

The headstart is over and I reached my goal, which was to get far enough ahead of the shelf buyers and ahead of the leveling curve. After 2 days I am currently a Level 24 Spiritmaster. I rolled on the Triniel server and I am a member of Discord, a mature and knowledgeable Guild.

To follow my progress book mark my blog and visit often. I will try to update with my current Level status everyday. Also give tips and little unknown secrets to those who need them. Leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!!

Aion has been making some very nice changes for the Spiritmaster for the new patch. Flying Pets! yep, that’s right, FLYING PETS! to watch the video scroll down.

Other aspects of the game have changed such as gathering ore’s may cause a sickness which requires you to type in a captcha code to remove it. I guess this is to prevent botters. UI Changes, Skill changes and some other etc etc stuff.

I did not translate any bug fixes or insignificant changes.
__________________________________________________ _____________

1. There’s now a low chance of getting metal poisoning every time a player attempts to collect ore.

* metal poisoning can be cured by using ‘Chant of Purification’
* Chant of Purification can be used by entering the prompted combination of numbers and letters
* you will be given a total of 3 chances to enter the combination correctly
* if a player fails all three attempts, the character won’t be able to collect any more ore for an extended period of time

2. In order to prevent any more accidents with item extraction tool, we have made several changes.

* Item extraction tool’s icon has been changed.

* using the automatically align function in the inventory will move the extraction to the first cell
* the progress bar of extraction tool will now be shown as red
* equipped items cannot be extracted


1. We have added a new information tab that displays the remaining waiting time for all of the instances.

* the new tab will display both you and your party members waiting time for all instances

2. We added a number pad for any Kina input box

* there can be used to enter numbers by clicking
* the color will change depending on the amount

3. We have made the following changes to the auctioneer.

* we added ‘includes words’ option to the search tab along with ‘exact match’
* items can now be added to your auctions just by right clicking on the item with auction window open

4. You can now choose to automatically align items in the inventory.

* players can also change names of each cube

5. We added preview option for color sprays and hair dyes.
6. We added preview option for hats for character look change window.


1. You can now change default order of combo skills in the combo skills tab.

* you can make those changes by simply drag + drop ing the skills

2. Running away from a spell being casted will no longer interrupt the spell.


1. We have increased quest item drop rates for Stigma quests.
2. We added special descriptions for quests with special rewards, such as more cube space, abyss points, or titles.
3. We significantly increased the HP of NPCs associated with Daevanion quests.

* some of these NPCs will not respond to enemy faction players nor can the players attack these NPCs


1. We have made significant changes to stats of every monsters in Dark Poeta instance.

* These monsters are now more vulnerable to spell damage.
* These monsters are now more resistant to physical damage.
* All monsters excluding the bosses now have lower hp.

2. We have nerfed the damage of several skills the Dark Poeta S rank boss Tahabeta casts.
3. We have lowered the difficulty of Steel Mane instance.
4. We have increases the drop rate of stigma fragments in Steel Mane instnace.
5. We have added an elevator to the Steel Mane instance.
6. We added NPC guards to Dreadgion instance exits.
7. We have changed the stats of monsters in abyss fortress instance.

* they will have lower hp but more resistant to physical damage


1. We have lowered the effectiveness of elemental resistance.
2. Attacking will no longer interrupt auto run
3. We have lowered the amount of stigma shards required to equip stigmas.
4. We have increased the daily AP limit for characters higher than 1star lieutenant rank.
5. Summons can now fly!

See you server side!

After the long wait and countless CBT’s and the latest OBT, Aion isofficially opening the doors tomorrow for the headstart. If you preordered you will be able to get a 2 day headstart before everyone else in the world. Honestly though, who hasn’t pre ordered? noobs!

Watch my blog and you will soon witness the pwnage!

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